Familiarity in permanent change

19. April 2012, Text by Elisabeth Hoock

Since 9 March the exhibition “Vertrautes Land” has been on display at Galerie K Westend, showcasing current paintings and drawings of the fine artist Felix Lippmann. It is the freelance painter's first more comprehensive solo exhibition. Dr Kahlert, both physician and gallery owner, offers artists the opportunity to present their pieces of art to the public in the rooms of her villa in Westendstraße 21. Consequently, Felix Lippmann was asked to realise his solo exhibition called “Vertrautes Land” on these premises.


Lippmann was born in Dresden in 1982 and studied at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts from 2003 to 2009 where he refined his craft. In 2009 he was awarded his diploma of fine arts by Prof. Elke Hopfe and became a master student subsequently. He has been a member of the Dresden Artistic League and a freelancer since 2011. Together with the painter Lutz Bleidorn, Felix Lippmann found the suitable place for his artistic endeavours in a joint studio in the buildings of the Hofmühle, colloquially called Bienertmühle, in 2009.


Thus, his studio in Dresden-Plauen is located in the midst of what has become the subject matter of his art: the everyday impression and anything “related to nature,” according to the artist. “Of importance to me is the unique vicinity to nature and its aligned silence, which I need for working.” A gaze from the studio's windows over the area of the mill provides a sense of what he means. Rampant bushes, wild grass, railway tracks and the calm of the mill's inner courtyard – recurring motifs in the artist's paintings and drawings. Lippmann says that even in his closely familiar environment he permanently discovers something novel, continually modified and under regular change brought about by individual ambiances. Hence, the pool of images and associations seems almost bottomless.


Limited, however, is the timespan in which Lippmann's art is being displayed at Galerie K Westend. Until 30 April about ten charcoal drawings on paper and 20 paintings (oil on canvas) can be beheld and acquired.